our story

Today we find ourselves in Portland but our roots were originally planted on opposite coasts, Scott from Long Island, NY and Sara from Seattle Washington.  So the story really begins where you can trace the bagel back to, New York.  Scott as a young boy dreamed of a hot bagel delivery service where he would wake up to warm bagels waiting for him on his stoop.  While Amazon and drone Delivery was years away, that dream was set aside as life got busier.  

Fast Forward to today where we both reside in Oregon and Scott misses his beloved New York bagels.  Sara set out to replicate them in order to keep him on the West Coast.  After many attempts and modifications we have finally arrived at our version of the New York Style bagel that we believe in our hearts you will love as much as we do.  

We love our dog, Bentley as much as we love bagels.  Our large and loving Bernese Mt. Dog has done his fair share of taste testing, usually when our backs were turned.  He loves them all!  

Our hope is to spread our love for bagels to you and make your day a little better with a bagel in your belly.